Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Update on Rimage Everest 600 Printers

Here's an update on the status of Rimage 600 printers.

As Monday, Rimage is out of stock, awaiting shipment until Sept 3rd, 2014. Of course this sucks, but I don't mention it to make you angry. I bring it up because you need to make sure you don't get the run-around from your suppliers on this. We've spoken to a few clients who tell us they can find the printers elsewhere, but honestly no one really stocks them in standalone models, and Everest 600 autoprinters require a registration from Rimage. With the registration process, Rimage can only ship right to customers, so there is no way to stock inventory.

We recommend you be smart about listing to someone who can get you a printer before 9/3/14. Chances are they can't get you an Everest 600 that fast, and if they can its probably a used model.

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